Who am I?

Nice to meet you! I’m Doron 🙂
I’m an online marketer with 10+ years of hands-on experience in digital advertising.
After almost 3 years in Lemonade as the Head of User Acquisition, I decided to move forward to my next challenge- Helping others!
I joined Lemonade in a very early stage, right after they got their first licence in the state of New York, and remember starting the first campaign shortly after. I’m really proud to look backwards and see what amazing growth we’ve accomplished since the first click on our first ad : $10M sales in the first year, and growth of +570% (!) in the second.
In the years before,  I’ve worked with and for leading global brands as Zynga, Playtika and more.
I’m MBA graduated and invest part of my spare time to expose students to the digital advertising world as part of their traditional studies.  
For more information about me, you’re welcome to add or follow me on LinkedIn.

What is DvirTeam and Why did I create it?

DvirTeam is a Growth marketing agency that helps companies to achieve their growth goals.
Me and my team are experienced experts with a proven successful record, we know how to solve problems where activity is stuck, How to scale up and grow in the right way, and how to define a strategy plan and execute it in a measurable and scalable way.
We did it before, and our mission now is helping others and success with them! My team members are organically moving with me from previous companies. We are working together for years, and keep a lot of knowledge.

I understood, that the power of strong team is huge. Most of the companies are suffering from high employee turnover, Knowledge is getting lost and every time learning process is starting again and again.
Some of the companies hire agencies in order to fight this, but Agencies are suffering from the same pain, their campaign managers are juniors that are getting their first chance and leaving after a short period once they can upgrade their conditions and gained some handsome experience on your budgets.


We are not just an Agency

DvirTeam vision isn’t to be your agency, but a partners that committed to your success.

Our involvement is crucial to bring your business to real success, not only managing your budgets. 

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