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What we do

  1. Most of the executives are not involved with the acquisition effort, even though it’s the highest expenses of the company and key factor to succeed.
    Mentoring 1:1 is a service I’m offering to executives C level + in order to enrich their knowledge and understand better growth and acquisition, whether they are CEOs, CFOs, Investors or any kind of entrepreneurs.
    This knowledge is crucial and not just nice to have.
    When you, the CEO, understand your acquisition challenges, you hire better, you manage these people better and you can evaluate the quality of the work that is done.
    Mentoring 1:1 is a program that contains:


    • Search engine marketing (Paid)
      Google ads, Bing overview
      How to understand the growth potential for your brand in search activity
      How it works? Auction system, bidding strategies and budgeting
      Targeting strategies
      Optimization methods
      How to evaluate the quality of your SEM activity


    • Facebook / Instagram
      Targeting methods
      Bidding strategies
      How facebook works? The power of FB’s conversion pixels
      What is lookalike campaigns


    • Youtube
      How it works? Targeting options, Common KPIs
      How to increase brand awareness in Youtube & How to measure it
      How to make Youtube a positive ROI acquisition channel
      Measurement & Attribution modeling


    • Google display network
      What is Google display network and where we can meet there potential clients?
      Gmail, Google play, Youtube, Admob


    • Twitter, Linkedin, Outbrain/Taboola, pinterest, Reddit
      Understand the targeting options of each advertising platform and how you can reach new users to your funnel


    • Understand Google analytics


    • How its all connect & Attribution model
      Understand the challenges of attribution
      View- through conversions – how to track them?

Why DvirTeam?

  1. We can review your multi channels activity, and not just one channel.
    In this way we provide holistic review that look at the whole picture.

  2. We are familiar with a lot of case studies from various industries. The more you see the more you know. Imagine the quality of the service you get from an experienced Doctor VS a junior one?

  3. Our goal is to scale up your sales, Not your spent, or at least scale it up for the right reasons

Are you ready to GROW with us?

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