Campaign management

What we do

Our proven experience in managing large budgets campaigns in most of the advertising platforms allows us to offer comprehensive campaigns management service.

We can offer campaign management in any of the platforms below, and all together:

Google search

Bing search

Google display networks


Google universal app campaigns

Facebook/ Instagram








Why working with us?

We are committed to your success, means increase your sales. This is why our preferred business model is not based on % of the budget we’re managing, but on % of the sales we’re generating. 


The process

  1. Analyzing current status 
  2. Define measurable KPIs & Targets
  3. Set a detailed plan and milestones to achieve the goals

Why DvirTeam?

  1. We can review your multi channels activity, and not just one channel.
    In this way we provide holistic review that look at the whole picture.

  2. We are familiar with a lot of case studies from various industries. The more you see the more you know. Imagine the quality of the service you get from an experienced Doctor VS a junior one?

  3. Our goal is to scale up your sales, Not your spent, or at least scale it up for the right reasons

Are you ready to GROW with us?

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