What we do

We help startups with their go – to – market  and with growth.

As the former Head of user acquisition in Lemonade, I’m familiar very well with startup’s pain points:
Have a good product but how to start market it?
How many acquisition people should we hire?
How we can plan a growth reasonable and achievable plan with clear milestones?

Well, I did it very successfully in Lemonade, Let me help you with this and save you a lot of time, hiring and money.

For startups this is always the question “how to start?”, especially with limited sources of budgets and humans. 

We are offering growth service that includes:

  1. Setting a Go to market plan and define the below:
    -Measurable  KPI’s & Milestones
    -Attribution model
    -Target audience
    -Acquisition channels

  2. Structuring the advertising accounts and building the campaigns Includes:
    Keyword research
    Define USPs (Unique Selling Proposition)
    Define messaging and positioning

  3. Monitoring milestones achievements
    On-goig optimization
    Performance reporting

Why DvirTeam?

  1. We can review your multi channels activity, and not just one channel.
    In this way we provide holistic review that look at the whole picture.

  2. We are familiar with a lot of case studies from various industries. The more you see the more you know. Imagine the quality of the service you get from an experienced Doctor VS a junior one?

  3. Our goal is to scale up your sales, Not your spent, or at least scale it up for the right reasons

Are you ready to GROW with us?

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